Bro Gets 17 Of His Buds’ Names Tattooed On His Leg After They Say He ‘Wouldn’t Do It’

by 4 years ago
guy tattoos friends names leg


There are just some people in the world you don’t ever say to them, “You’ll never do that.” Because those people, like Danny Joe Parkison, will immediately go out and do it, damn the consequences.

During a trip to Greece, the 19-year-old Parkison was dared to get all the names of the bros who went on the trip tattooed on his leg. Naturally, he didn’t just get those guys’ names tattooed on his leg he also added his own name and the name of a guy who didn’t make the trip (with a line through it) for a total of 18 names.

Reports the Daily Mail

“They said I wouldn’t do it, I said I would, and it went on like that. Some of our group are leaving today so I did it last night. Everyone chucked in 10 euros when we were all a bit drunk at pre-drinks. I was a bit drunk but not that drunk and I ended up in a tattoo shop with 18 names on my leg.”

No way. Drinks were involved?

When asked what his family would think of his new ink, he wasn’t too concerned…

“They all know I’m an idiot anyway, so not much. I’m full of bad tattoos if I’m honest. I’ve got ‘BBQ’ tattooed on my rib. I’ve got an origami boat on my arm.”

Here’s what it looks like…


Honestly, I like his style. You have to like a guy who when you tell him he won’t do something, goes out and does it. Maybe he’s not such an idiot after all.

H/T TFM; Tattoo image by Shutterstock