Bro Gets So Hammered In Ibiza He Woke Up The Next Morning To Find Out That He Bought A Bang Bus

Meet David Little, bros. The dude took a trip to Ibiza, Spain where there are no rules or inhibitions and partied his face off. I’m pretty sure when you try to get into a club in Ibiza, instead of checking your ID, they make you blow into a breathalyzer. If you aren’t 31 times over the legal limit in the States, they send you on your sober way. I hear the bouncers also hand each club-goer a pill with a smiley face on that is basically the pill form of happiness and invincibility. Sounds fucking magical.

Anyhoo, the dude got so blasted after a night out he fucked around and bought a bang bus. Like a £28,000 ($38,000) big ass coach bus. He woke up the next day, likely auditing how many “You Up?” texts he threw out, and then WHAMMY!

Now of course David didn’t specify what he was buying the bus for, but it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots. If he wasn’t planning on boning in this titty tube, he’d take a Greyhound. This thing has BANG BUS basically decalled on the side of it and David is the condicktor. Some may call this a mistake, I call it an investment.


[h/t LADbible]


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