Bro’s Story About Him Getting Blackmailed Through Tinder By A Sexy Russian Girl Will Have You Swiping Left Forever

by 5 years ago


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If some cam girl asked you to whip your dick out on Skype would you do it? I hope not; that sounds very very very very very very very dumb. Like the girl wouldn’t even show her face on camera which is such a “duh she’s going to blackmail you and your dick” move that I’m kind of thinking Redditor inpanicrightnow is so dumb that something like this was bound to happen eventually. Best to get it over quick and learn your lesson than drag it out.

I got match with some average looking girl on Tinder, blonde 35 years old, I am 30.
I found her on facebook too, I didn’t spent too much time researching her profile, I saw we had 2 mutual friends, and I thought it was real.

I sent a message and she instantly reply back “give me your skype name, lets see each other on cam and talk a little bit”.

Stupid me, gives a company username (?!) because I could not remember a personal skype username password.

3 times we tried to connect and video was bad, she was pissed and said “it’s not working, don’t try anymore, bye” and hang up.

Today, I was extra lonely (I am going through heavy break up) and sent her a message on Tinder that we can skype now. We met on skype in 5 minutes.

After 3 minutes of talking she started talking dirty, then she proceed to get naked and asking me to do the same. She is not showing her face! At first I was skeptical, but than she started using the dildo and I pull out my was the real live video because she did what I ask from her, it was not the recorded video. She even wanted me to put my camera on better angle so she can see me better. I did everything she asked! After I finished and came, she just hanged up a skype call. I try to call her again and she hang up every time.

I went to her facebook profile and google image her pics, all pics were fake, it is some Russian girl.

Now I got a private youtube video with me jerking off asking $2000.
I have no idea what to do. I am so ashamed and stupid…(via)

On the bright side, this really isn’t THAT bad. I mean think about it: this guy isn’t famous. He’s not a politician or local news figure or anything, which means all he really has to do to avoid getting his dick blown up everywhere is to delete his Facebook. How else is this Russian lady going to know who his friends are? She’s some random girl! She don’t know his life.

Besides, it’s 2015…who DOESN’T have a homemade sex tape floating around the Internet besides myself?

In the end, your friends and family will most likely be understanding and if they’re not, they’re not people who are worth keeping in your life. Hell, if any of them have a half-decent sense of humor they’ll find the whole thing funny.

Tl;dr: own it and go down dignified and in style, Bro.

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