Bro Leaves ‘Mortal Kombat’-Themed Sex Advice For His Neighbors That Keep Having Loud Sex

by 1 year ago


Do you take advice from strangers? Personally, I do. If I’m wandering around some neighborhood I know jack shit about like, say, the Upper West Side or Park Slope, I’d rather ask a stranger for a recommendation on a great pizza place then lazily Google “best pizza upper west side” and rely on some half-ass Yelp reviews.

What I’m trying to say here is that strangers dole out some pretty good wisdom from time to time. The couple on the receiving end of this note should listen up — This dude sounds like he knows a thing or two about loud sex, especially since he was inspired to write a damn novel to his neighbors about it.


In the timeless wisdom of Seinfeld:


Speaking of Bro moves… This note to a fellow Bro after seeing that he broke up with his girl is an all-time great Bro Move.


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