Bro Sets Out To Live In His Car For One Month To Save Money After College, Ends Up Living In It For A YEAR (Video)



Unless you were fortunate enough to be born with some sort of financial backing that aided you through college (silver spoons, bricks of gold, trust funds) then chances are you were strapped for cash both during and immediately after college. Actually, based on the survey that J.Camm posted yesterday chances are that if you live in America then you’re broke as fuuuuuuck (don’t have any savings). This is the story of Chris Sawey, a bro graduated college back in 2013 and had his car broken into. In his car was his laptop that contained all of his portfolio and resumé materials (REMINDER: always email yourself a copy of your most updated resumé), so when his car was broken into and robbed he basically lost everything he needed in order to get a job after college.

Life kept throwing bills at Chris and before he knew it he was forced to take drastic measures in order to keep his life on track after college, and that meant living in his car for one month (no apartment rent, no utilities) in order to save money. Well, one month turned into an entire year. And throughout that year Chris Sawey chronicled his life living in his car on video and sent it over to BuzzFeed. In the past 12 or so hours this video’s gone viral to the tune of a quarter million views (and counting), because people are enthused by Chris’ story, myself included.

Check out these pics from his year living in his car if you think this might be for you: