Is This Bro Painting Shaq The Bro Version Of Bob Ross?

Some random stuff went down in Phoenix over Super Bowl Weekend: Tickets sold for over $10,000 AFTER the Super Bowl already started. Kanye, Kim Kardashian, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen hit up a Waffle House at 2AM. Aaron Rogers played grab ass with Olivia Munn while photographers snapped away. One of Katy Perry’s shark dancers tried to use his fame to get laid on Tinder. The world learned that Warren Sapp can no longer just walk into a bar and get laid.

One of the best and most bro-tastic things I witnessed this past weekend, however, was on Saturday afternoon at Bud Light’s House of Whatever. About twenty people were given easels, canvases, and a bunch of paint and told to be ready to ready for something to happen. Out of a tent walks Shaq, who sits down in a throne, Superman shirt and all. The crowd starts instantly flipping out.

One of the bros in the crowd immediately goes to work, channeling his inner Bob Ross. He’s like the Bro version of the iconic television artist, painting up a storm while explaining it to the crowd. Look at how much he OWNED it, lack of artistic skills and all. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing scene to watch.

Who says Bros can’t be artistic?

I mean, just look at this man’s poise and focus. This man is a future modern master.


Brandon Wenerd/


Bob Ross smiling somewhere that this Bro put what makes him happy in his world.

Afterwards, Shaq got behind the turntables as DJ Diesel, resulting in a Bro-tastic throw down. Shaqfu knows how to pump the jams. Shaqfu for life. But this painter Bro is the real MVP.

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