Aaron Rodgers Couldn’t Keep His Hands Off Olivia Munn’s Ass At The NFL Honors

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The last time we saw Aaron Rodgers with his girlfriend Olivia Munn his hoverhands were in full effect. This time, however, at the NFL Honors awards ceremony, that was most certainly NOT the case.

Rodgers, who took home NFL MVP during the show, celebrated his predicted achievement the only way a man on his way to football immortality should celebrate it, by grabbing a large handful of his hot girlfriend Olivia Munn’s ass right there in front of God and everybody. Bro was just holding on for dear life based on the number of pics the photographers snapped. Perhaps he was performing a discount double check of her booty?

After seeing this I now hope Rodgers stays with Munn throughout his entire career and wins the MVP a few more times just so he can keep bringing her to the NFL Honors ceremony. And I’m a Bears fan. You keep being you, A-Rod.

Here’s how I imagine this went down (totally plausible)…

Is that your ass, Olivia? It feels like your ass.


Why yes, that is my ass, Aaron, thank you for asking.


Okay, well just smile for the cameras.


How long are you going to keep your hand on my ass?


As long as I want. I’m going to named the NFL MVP.


Is that really what NFL MVPs do on the red carpet?


They do if they’re Aaron Damn Rodgers.


Works for me. This doesn’t count as a game day, does it?


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