Bro of the Year Pranks Cop Who Arrested Him While Still in Holding Cell

A Kentucky man has set the bar high for our coveted Bro of the Year award.

Michael Harp, of Corbin, Kentucky, was arrested Tuesday afternoon for shoplifting and public intoxication. While in custody, he asked for permission to use his cell phone to make a call, which the officers allowed.

Instead of phoning a friend or a bail bondsman, Harp dialed Domino’s Pizza and ordered five pepperoni pizzas in the name of his arresting officer, Captain Coy Wilson. Wilson was busy when the delivery man arrived, so another officer paid for the order. That’s when they realized they’d been PRANKED.

For his fun, Harp was charged with felony identity theft, theft by deception and impersonating an officer.

After he was released, Harp claimed it was ‘all a misunderstanding.’

Own that shit, Bro. If you get convicted, we’ll send you a tee-shirt.

[Via The Smoking Gun; Pizza via Shutterstock]