This Bro Is On A Quest To Eat At Every $1 Pizza Place In New York City

Here’s the thing about pizza in New York City: It’s fucking awesome. Butttttt…. It’s a huge city with thousands of pizza places. They aren’t all universally awesome and quality pretty dramatically differs from place to place. No where is this more true than with the $1 and $.99-a-slice pizza places. No matter how drunk you are and what time of day/night it is, the pizza from these shops tastes like lukewarm cardboard with some rotten cheese and nasty tomato paste. Box pizza tastes better than most $1 pizza places in NYC. That’s why my move is to spare the $2.50 for a respectable slice at a respectable pizzeria. I’m smug about my pizza like that.

But not for this Bro. His name is Francisco Balagtas and he’s on a noble quest to eat at every single $1 pizza place in New York City. He runs an Instagram of his adventures, “Dollar Pizza Slice NYC,” and tries to eat “seven or eight places a week,” according to PIX 11.

In the video above, Balagtas tells Elite Daily about his attempt to eat at every $1 pizza place in NYC, along with how his obsession with pizza started with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.