Bro Realizes He’s Become Frumpy With A Dad Bod, Decides To Turn It Around And Becomes Ripped Instead

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doug sinclair

50-year-old Doug Sinclair was on vacation with his family when he finally caught sight of himself in a photo. Now, while YOU may think Doug looks fine and I may think Doug looks fine, we all know that the harshest critic of ourselves is always us, so when Doug saw the following photo he decided it was time for a change:


doug sinclair

See? Not so bad. Guy just looks like a regular ol’ dad with two kids and a white picket fence out front.

But that wasn’t good enough for Doug.

Speaking to Mirror, Doug recounted the moment he realized it was time for a lifestyle change if he wanted the shed his dad bod:

Doug said: “The moment I realised I wanted to change my lifestyle was in the summer 2013 when I was on holiday with my family.

“The picture made me realise that I had become a pot-bellied middle aged man, something that I had always vowed not to become.

“I had always been naturally skinny growing up and was 6’4” by age 15 – the proverbial beanpole.

“I ate what I wanted and never put on weight. When I stopped playing regular football early thirties I became an occasional gym goer, more as a maintenance thing rather than any specific goal.

“Having always been thin and underweight I wasn’t concerned about having put on a few pounds over time but that photograph was a wakeup call.”


doug sinclair

According to Doug, he started out slow by signing up for a free trial at a local boot camp back in 2013. Turns out it was just enough to give him the motivation to start his journey towards getting in shape before his 50th birthday. He now boasts that he’s “easily in the best shape I’ve ever been at aged 50,” and says he’s learned more than he’d ever thought along the way:

“The journey has been a complete education: how to train with focus and proper technique, the importance of nutrition and macros. And being able to achieve results whilst still enjoying life and not having to live like a monk.”

Doug has reportedly been able to increase his muscle mass by six pounds without having any noticeable gain in body fat, but is still continuing to tone and improve himself regardless of his stellar results.

[H/T Mirror]

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