Bro Recreates Classic College Dorm Room Posters For Instagram Likes

by 4 years ago
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The things people do for Instagram likes are kind of absurd. It’s a social media platform built exclusively for screaming for attention and validation: “LOOK AT THIS FOOD!” “LOOK AT THIS SELFIE I TOOK AT THE GYM AFTER LEG DAY!” “LOOK AT THIS VACATION I’M AT WHILE YOU’RE AT YOUR SHITTY JOB. HAHAHAHA I RULE YOU SUCK!” “LOOK AT ME HUMBLEBRAGGING ABOUT THIS DUMB THING VERY FEW PEOPLE CARE ABOUT.”

Yet it’s addictive as hell. And we all do it…

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been trying to step up our Instagram game around here lately. The other day a dude named Spencer Cameron hit us up with a little project called “#7daysofposterposing”. Because Instagram is all about the shallow pursuit of likes and vanity, he recreated famous posters, including the iconic John Belushi Animal House “College” poster that every single college freshman toolbag ever has hung up in a dorm room.

My personal favorite is George Costanza. God bless the timeless art of seduction.

If you’re going to be a shameless whore for Instagram likes, you might as well have some fun with it. Here’s Spencer’s greatest creations: