Bro Sends Most Ridiculous Sext Ever to the Wrong Number


It seems like everyone on the planet is obsessed with sexting these days, even though it’s probably against their better judgement. There are thousands and thousands of cautionary tales about why sexting is a bad idea and this man is one of them. After sending a pic of him rockin’ out in his boxer briefs, he followed up with the most insane text I’ve ever seen in my entire life:

“Look pretty thick too. U must eat a lot of beanut butter or yogurt, something. maybe it’s body by jake or look good diet, ha ha! whatever it is you look like a bag of hot chips with string cheese n BBQ…”

“Send interesting texts” is one of the top 10 Brotips for spitting game. But, I’m not sure even a woman who’s “heard it all” from horny, desperate guys has ever been complimented by being called “a bag of hot chips with string cheese n BBQ.”

Who the hell puts string cheese in BBQ?

What does it even mean?

How sad do you think this guy was when he found out he was sexting the wrong number?

Just another reason to never, ever sext. Ever.


[H/T: Imgur]

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