Man On Tinder Swipes A Hooker Who Isn’t Into ‘Basic Bros’ And Proceeds To Troll Her HARD

by 4 years ago
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Tinder can be a wonderful, magical virtual place to meet people that you can have sexy time with in real-life. Hey, you may even meet your soulmate. But it’s also littered with bots and hookers looking to cash in on THE THIRST from dudes willing to be Johns for a night. A Bro on Reddit recently swiped such a bot (“no basic bros!” reads her profile) and proceeded to troll her very, very hard. Because this is 2015, he uploaded the entire exchange for the Internet’s enjoyment.

Here’s her very aggressive profile.



After a couple of lighthearted texts, she offers her menu of services: $50 for a BJ, $75 for sex with a condom, and $120 to raw dog. Maybe I’ve watched too many tv shows about expensive call girls, but am I the only one who thinks those prices are a little bit low? Or maybe this is some weird catfish situation? Rebecca and David had some good insight here:

Rebecca: “May she actually went to northwestern maybe she has a real job and just does this on the side?”

Me: “There is no way.”

Rebecca: “Because she likes being a sexual deviant.

David: “She said she wasn’t a hooker.”

Rebecca: “Maybe this is her research thesis.”

David: “She said she just figured guys would pay some for her sex.”

Brandon: “But like wouldn’t you think she’d have higher prices if she was getting money for sex?”

Rebecca: “Nom because the dudes who would pay that much for sex are probably creeps / awful. If she just wants casual sex plus a few bucks here and there to supplement her grocery bill each month then why not.”

Can’t disagree there. Why not?

It’s highly entertaining reading. This exchange is absolutely priceless:

“Do you like Hydrangeas? I have some in my garden.”

“Buy flowers you cheap shit.”

“I guess I’m not big on paying for things I can get for free.”

Win. Here’s the best parts via Reddit: