Bro Trolls His Hot Girlfriend With A Retractable Claw: Watch Her Slip Into Madness

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Here we’ve got a bro purchasing a retractable arm toy at the grocery store and turning his smokin’ hot girlfriend into a crazy woman in under four minutes. It starts with the pinch of her butt, and devolves into him buying the toy robotic arm and becoming a master at navigating household tasks using the toy. Sure, he sucks at brushing his teeth with it, but he’s a master at trolling his sexy girlfriend with that amazing accent. At first I thought it was a Scottish accent for sure. Whenever she speaks all I’m hearing is that voice from Pixar’s Brave, but most people are saying it’s a Yorkshire or Geordie accent, not Scottish….Doesn’t make it any less hot.

This was the first video I watched today and I managed to sit through the entire video without ever getting bored. When you watch as many videos as we do on a daily basis you must understand that this is a RARE feat. I’d say on average I watch about 50% of any given YouTube video, usually skipping to whatever it is I was supposed to see before moving on. So for a completely pointless video like this to captivate my attention for nearly 4 minutes is actually quite astounding, and it was that reason alone I felt the need to share it with you bros today.

Side note: this video came from Reddit, where someone referred to the jar full of hot dogs as a ‘glass can’. So if months from now you hear some tool trying to sound witty by referring to a jar as a ‘glass can’, you now know the etymology of that phrase, and you can call out the asshat for jacking jokes on the Internet.

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