This BroBible Reader Hates Me For Liking the Coke Commercial and I’m Not Sorry About It At All

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Subject: You're A Fucking Dumbass Who Doesn't Know What Racist Means


Forgive the subject, but being a proud American, I find it highly offensive when an objection to piece of propaganda aimed at showing a Spanish speaking American populace is labeled as racism. The tweets you posted said nothing derogatory about any race or ethnicity, as they shouldn't. The objection being made is to the attempt to subvert English as the official language of the United States. It has nothing to do with race and everything to with culture, a point you clearly fail to grasp. It is not racist to observe the drastic changes in a recent immigration policy. When immigrants landed on Ellis Island, they were thrown right into American society. Nobody suggested that it was important for these people to keep their culture “so why not let them speak Italian in school, and put up signs in Italian so they can understand”. Rather, if you did not speak English, you learned, because part of coming to America was becoming an American. That means learning the culture which starts with the language. At some point this changed. Now despite the fact immigrants are leaving their countries to come to ours, it is not enough simply to welcome them, it is now necessary for us to adopt to their customs rather than the other way around. That is insane. I have no problem with any person from any country coming to America, becoming a citizen, and working hard to give themselves or their families a better life. That is the American dream. However, I very much have problem with group of people illegally entering the borders of the United States, weakening our social systems, and implementing a new language. If the Russians would have done that in 1980's it would have been a hostile takeover of the American way of life. But now, when it is Latin Americans, these same things are called progress. That why a Coke commercial where America the Beautiful sung in Spanish is offensive. It IS NOT RACIST IN THE SLIGHTEST. Rather, it is objectionable because it hints at a time when English, the language of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are written in, will not be spoke in the country they helped create. That is offensive. And you labeling a critique of that racist if one the biggest problems in America today. It is why despite the fact that Barack Obama has killed more than 2,000 citizens in countries we are not at war with with drone strikes, anybody who criticizes him is labeled as racist and a bigot.  America is so overly politically correct that any actual political discourse is impossible. That's not your fault; you work for brobible not the New York Times. But just in case I wasn't clear you are a idiot for writing what you wrote. Write a retraction or I will email every person at brobible 100 times a day until your fired. Or something. I don't know, I used all my energy writing this, so I might be too tired for that.



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