The Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner For Rape Just Handed An Immigrant With Nearly Identical Case A Much Longer Sentence

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In what appears to be a reckless abuse of discretion, the judge who gifted Stanford swimmer Brock Turner a lenient six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious girl behind a dumpster, has handed out a much longer sentence for a nearly identical crime.

Judge Aaron Persky is now facing a recall campaign after putting a 32-year-old Latino man behind bars for three years for sexually assaulting his roommate. Like Turner, Raul Ramirez had no criminal record of convictions for serious or violent felonies prior to this incident.

As Daily Mail points out, those involved in the criminal justice system claim that Ramirez’s sentencing is fair, whereas Turner’s is the anomaly.

Turner was sentenced below the minimum prison sentence of two years for assault with intent to commit rape because prison would have a ‘severe impact’ on the student, Persky claimed at the trial.

Ramirez, an immigrant from El Salvador, was arrested in his Santa Clara County home in November 2014 after his female roommate called 911 after he allegedly went in her bedroom and started touching her intimately for 10 minutes before she began crying, the Daily Mail reports.

When police arrived, he admitted to the crime and told police he ‘wanted to say sorry’ to the victim.

Ramirez plead guilty to a felony of sexual penetration by force and was dealt a three year sentence.

Critics of the sentencing disparity claim that Judge Persky could have helped Ramirez plead guilty to the lesser of the two charges, which could have helped him avoid prison all together. He used this tactic with Brock Turner.

Ramirez, who is reportedly ‘very poor,’ had his bail set at $200,000, whereas Brock’s was set at $150,000. He also admitted to the crime and apologized relentlessly (for what that’s worth), whereas Brock Turner blamed penetrating a girl behind a dumpster on ‘drinking’ and ‘party culture.’

[h/t Daily Mail]

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