Try And Guess What Happened To The French Guy Who Broke A Bar’s Record Of Downing 56 Shots In One Sitting



He DIED! What did you expect? That he rode off into the sunset on a unicorn in a drunken stupor? That he spontaneously grew a third arm and began to refer to himself as Doctor Octopus? Those are some pretty weird expectations, I don’t understand why you’d think either of those would happen. I mean, he drank 56 shots.

Let me rephrase that for emphasis, fifty-six shots.

And again, for even more emphasis…fifty-six shots.

Most people are blacked out after 8, and if my elementary school math skills have taught me anything, 56 is seven times more than 8, and seven is a pretty big number.

French police opened an investigation on Wednesday following the death of a man in his 50s after he downed 56 shots during a drinking competition.

The man, who was not named, was attempting to beat the previous record of 55 shots in a bar in Clermont-Ferrand in central France on Friday.

“He swallowed around 30 glasses in the space of a minute,” a police source told AFP.
The man was driven home in a drunken stupor and emergency services took him in later that night.

He died the next day in hospital after falling into a coma and suffering a heart attack, his daughter, a 21-year-old student, told AFP.

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The bar manager reportedly told the unnamed man that he was drinking too fast and needed to stop after the first ~30 shots. However, the man’s daughter tells a slightly different story, stating that no one cut her father off until after he hit the 56th shot.

“My father died by his own hand but it was the bar that served him the drinks,” she said.
She is waiting for the results of an autopsy carried out in the immediate aftermath.

The daughter said she would sue the bar if it transpired there was negligence in the case.
Police said the manager could be charged with “not assisting a person in danger.”

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While I do sympathize with the man’s daughter…this is really a matter of survival of the fittest. If you’re dumb enough to think that you can drown yourself in 56 shots and skidaddle out of there with the sun shining and a smile on your face, you should probably get the fuck outta the gene pool and stop polluting it for everyone else.

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