Some Idiot Was Arrested After Threatening To ‘Come Back Orlando Style’ After Getting Tossed From Bar

What in the fuck is wrong with some people?

After the horrific attacks on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando left 50 people dead and many more injured, there was another incident in Brooklyn that saw a drunken man threaten to act out a similar act after getting booted from a bar for arguing with his girlfriend.

Per the New York Daily News:

Justin Rice, 40, was hanging out with his girlfriend at the Happy Fun Hideaway on Myrtle Ave. near Willoughby Ave. in Bushwick when the couple started arguing Monday night, source said.

The bar’s 34-year-old bouncer asked them to calm down. When they didn’t, he tossed Rice out about 11:15 p.m.

Rice erupted. “You fucking f—-ts,” Rice yelled out, according to police sources.

“I’m going to shoot this place up and get my fifty just like Orlando, Florida. I’m going to come back Orlando-style!”

The story adds that the perpetrator, Justin Rice, also landed a punch on the bouncer before throwing a bucket of sand at him, resulting in the bouncer taking Rice to the ground and holding him down until cops came. Rice was charged with assault and aggravated harassment.

The shootings in Pulse Nightclub in Orlando is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, and the nation is banding together by showing support for the victims, the injured and their families through a GoFundMe page.

Let’s all pray there aren’t any additional instances like we just witnessed.

[H/T New York Daily News]

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