Brooklyn Now Has a Twerking Thief, Because Life Imitates Art, Or Something

I've tried so many different opening sentences and none of the angles work.

I thought about writing how Miley Cyrus' introduction of twerking to the mainstream media was all a gambit she was in on to allow this woman's crime to be committed. 

I felt that maybe our insatiable appetite for all things twerking practically forced this woman to do this. 

I considered talking about the natural escalation of twerkers, that the original thrill of twerking would eventually be need to be replaced by twerking in more and more dangerous situations. 

I tried to spin a Greek tragedy, the Gods giving us this art and us abusing it, but I failed miserably with that line of thought. 

Below is a video of a woman who twerked in front of an apartment building for an hour, acting as a lookout, while her man robbed packages from the place.  

Goodbye 2013. You will not be missed. 

[Via Gothamist]

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