Bros With Access To The ‘Most Realistic Dinosaur In The World’ Use It To Scare The Poo Outta Their Coworkers (VIDEO)

by 2 years ago

When they said that they have access to “the most realistic dinosaur in the world,” I was like “Yeah okay, whatever it’s probably not going to look that real.”

But then I watched the video…and holy shit is that motherfucker alive! Assuming that you didn’t see the guy’s pant legs as he runs around in a raptor costume, tell me you wouldn’t be scared shitless of this thing. It looks legit. It looks real. It looks like a raptor is about to devour your flesh and take a giant dino dump on a Mercedes, much to the dismay of anyone who parked in that garage.

Even if you did see the legs, would you stop running? Are you willing to risk being eaten just to get a closer look at the thing? Nah, that’s not the smart play – smart play is to GTFO of there before it catches you. You never know when a real dino is going to pop up (“never” is an appropriate answer here, but only Siths deal in absolutes) and bite your leg off, so it’s best to always play it safe from the get-go, even if it means you look like a doofus in a YouTube prank video.

Or, if the thought of looking like a doofus in a prank video makes your knees tremble, you could always dress up like a dino yourself and look like a doofus in a YouTube parkour video:

[H/T Metro]

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