Bros Pull GENIUS Prank On Friend, Post Ad Selling Justin Bieber Tickets In Exchange For Spamming His Phone To Hell

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Asher, to the best of my knowledge, is some poor guy who now has over 10,000 texts on his phone which read “I’m a Belieber!” (or some variant) because his friends are mischievous assholes. Don’t get me wrong though – I mean “mischievous assholes” in the most complimentary way possible because these guys are brilliant. How many of you would think to fuck with your friends by posting a fake ad selling sold-out Justin Bieber concert tickets in exchange for spamming the message “I’m a Belieber!” over and over again? Not many of you. Hell, probably not any of you – I’ve read your Facebook comments. Y’all can’t spell for shit let alone come up with a genius plan to prank your friends.

Via the BroBible tip line:

For years we’ve been trolling our best friend Asher but recently we pulled off our best prank.

The backstory is Justin Bieber announced a surprise concert in Toronto. Tickets sold out in under a minute. We took this as an opportunity to troll Asher. We put out the Kijiji ad (see attachment) and within an hour he had over 10,000 texts and within 2 hours over 15,000 texts.

The ad they posted is innocent enough; text Asher “I’m a Belieber” as many times as possible and one lucky person will get to buy the Bieber tickets at face value ($100). If you sit back and think about it you’d realize that no one wants to get a zillion texts spammed to their phone, but these are Beliebers we’re talking about; they’re not exactly the “cream of the crop” intellectually:


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And so how many texts does it take for your average iPhone to overheat? Apparently this many:


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As you can see, Asher really needs to check his email.

But yes, that’s 10,000 unread messages. Asher could spend the rest of his life reading through all of them and would probably die of old age before he finished. Not that he’d want to in the first place though, since they all say the same thing:

beeb 5

brobible tip line


brobible tip line


brobible tip line

Fucking Ethan.


brobible tip line

But how do you get the messages to stop? From the looks of it Asher decided to try messaging each person individually to shut the fuck up.

Obviously, it didn’t work:

beeb 8

brobible tip line

beeb 7

brobible tip line


brobible tip line

According to our tipster Asher was a good sport about the whole thing and found it hilarious, but eventually they had to take the ad down because his phone was actually overheating and crashing every few minutes.

Whether or not Asher identifies as a Belieber now…well, that still remains to be seen.

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