This Bro’s Response To Some Idiot Accusing Him Of Flirting With His Girlfriend Is The Best Mic Drop You’ll Read Today

It would be one thing if the Bro of our story was actually flirting with the girlfriend in question – in which case I don’t advocate violence of any sort regardless because I’m a responsible adult who doesn’t want to get sued – but I can understand how one would be tempted to send vaguely threatening texts. I get it. Macho men do macho shit, and this one just happens to be horrible at spelling and any sort of conventionally accepted grammar rules in general.

Wait, Bro of our story only messages Monica to ask to cover his shift on occasion? He’s not actually flirting with her? Monica’s boyfriend is just a big ol’ roided up dummy who’s overreacting over nothing? Hm. But how do we know Bro isn’t just lying to save his ass from said big ol’ roided up dummy?

Oh. That’s how we know.

Cue stupid response from stupid macho man:

Like, omg. I got proven wrong and I don’t know how to handle this situation! What do I do? I know, yell at him for throwing his sexuality in my face! That’ll show him! My face is a private zone I keep for non-sexual activities except for when I use it for sexual activities, durr. Brb while I drink a protein shake and yell at my girlfriend for not telling me Bro was gay despite me never having asked “:/”.

[H/T Elite Daily]