This Guy Wrote A ‘BROsume,’ AKA A Bro Resume, And Sent It To Sam Hunt In Hopes Of Becoming Bros With Him


Just move to a new city? Short on Bros to Bro-the-fuck-out with? Then maybe it’s time you take a page out of this Bro’s playbook and write a BROsume to hand out to dudes at your gym…or something? I don’t know. The whole concept, while funny, is kind of weird to me if there was any genuine attempt to actually befriend someone.

Per reader email:

Message: My brother is a big fan of Sam Hunt because let’s be honest- he’s a perfect man. He plays all the sports, sings, gets hott girls/former Bachelorette’s, and grows a mean beard.

When Mike, my brother, got to meet Sam, he gave him this here BRO-resume… AKA the brosume. Now he’s also the ultimate bro and deserving of more bro-friends. Dudes should take notes and also make something like this.

By the way, Sam loved it at the time… but so far- no call back. So rude.

Not for nothing, but I don’t think Sam Hunt requires a Wingman. He’s likely more in the market for a guy to have sex with his table scraps. What he needs is a Busboy.


Reader Email

I wasn’t so sure about this guy until I noticed that he had “Peacocking” as a personal skill. Although if his patchy beard is anything like Andrew Luck’s, he could peacock till he’s blue in the face and I’m not sure the opposite sex would notice him. Probably why he hasn’t gotten the nod from Sam Hunt to Wingman in the big leagues.