Brothel Is Offering Free Sex And Booze In An Effort To Protest High Taxes

Austria has legalized prostitution, but not because everyone loves sex, but because they can tax the shit out of it. The salacious businesses sell sex, but get hit with a higher sin tax than other companies. One hardworking brothel owner is fed up with the exorbitant tolls and has decided to give away free sex and alcohol to his customers to spite the government.

We take you to Salzburg, Austria where the Pascha brothel is advertising a “Summer Special.” The bordello’s website promises the best deal I’ve ever seen in my entire life:

“We’re not paying any more tax! From now on: Free entry! Free drinks! Free sex!”

The gracious deal is a free 15-minute session with one of the girls. Better prime your pump while waiting in line to ensure you make the most of the offer.

The brothel’s owner, Hermann Müller, says “In the past decade alone I’ve paid nearly $5 million in taxes in Salzburg alone.” Müller runs a chain of brothels in both Germany and Austria, but the once-in-a-lifetime offer is only available at the Salzburg location for four to eight-weeks.

“The problem is, the tax office wants more and more money while at the same time they are not cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution,” says Müller.

Mr. Müller says he is paying the prostitutes’ usual hourly rate out of his own pocket. Talk about putting your smut-peddling money where your mouth is.

The amazing offer has been selling like hot bootycakes, and eager beavers have been “queuing round the block.”

“Unfortunately we’ve already had to send hundreds of customers away because we had a full house,” Müller said.

Like my nana always used to say, “Why buy the pussy when you can get the trollop for free.” My nana was so wise.


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