Introducing ‘Brothr’ — The App To Help Awkward White Bros Make Black Friends



A study last Fall shed some light on a serious discrepancy between the number of interracial friendships white and black people have. Well, recognizing that white people just don’t have any black friends, J.K.L. Corporations decided to launch the app ‘Brothr’, that helps awkward white dudes make black friends.

The study from ‘The Washington Post‘ claims that the average white American has 91 white friends, and only ONE black friend. And paradoxically the average black American has 8 white friends (and 83 black friends) clearly there’s room for growth, and ‘Brothr’ is seeking to bridge that gap between the two races…Because with turn-by-turn directions to where black people live, you’re guaranteed to find a match using ‘Brothr’

I’m not sure whether to laugh or be offended that Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson think I can’t make any black friends without the use of an app.