Budweiser Is Making A Tequila-Flavored Beer Because… I Don’t Know, Man. I Just Don’t Know

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The largest producer of cheap domestic beer in the world (I think, idk), Anheuser-Busch, is looking to expand its offerings with a tequila-flavored version of Budweiser.

Why? Well, I haven’t done much research on this, but I assume it’s because a marketing representative went to a couple different bars in gentrified Brooklyn one Thursday and saw some hip, young cats putting back $4 Modelos and Tecates and thought, “Mexican. That’s how we can reach these kids.”

That’s pretty much what it sounds like, actually. From CSP:

AB InBev NV is launching a tequila-flavored beer … in the United States next year, according to a Wall Street Journal report, hoping to attract younger consumers who increasingly choose liquor and Mexican beers.

[It] will make its debut next spring, will be made with blue agave—the same plant used to make tequila—blended with beer aged with wood from tequila barrels.

Because, yea. The only thing that apparently Mexico has to offer is tequila.

Worse off, it’s called Oculto, which, actual Mexican word or thing or tradition or not, sounds like something a white dude down in Juarez would say to a local while trying to communicate his desire to see some Santa Muerte worship.

“Ocult-o. No, no. OCULT-O.”

This should work out well.


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