Budweiser Debuts State Packaging To Celebrate The 11 States Where Budweiser Is Brewed

by 1 year ago

Nothing makes you feel more American like crackin’ open a couple cold ones with the boys in the summer time. As we enter the back half of summer 2017, Budweiser is unveiling their new “brewery-market inspired bottles and cans.” The bottles represent the 11 states where Budweiser is brewed, including Missouri, Colorado, California (home of two Budweiser breweries), Georgia, Virginia, Texas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. At the bottom of the cans and bottles, Bud replaced “The King Of Beers” with each individual state’s motto.

The King Of Beers is also hosting brewery open-houses at its breweries for the remainder of the summer where patrons can crack open a couple cold ones, eat a few burgers, and chill with the Clydesdales.

Full open-house schedule available here.


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