You’ll Soon Be Able To Build Your Own Burger At McDonald’s

Love Big Macs but think that the third, middle bun is just a bit too much? Too many carbs plus gluten irritates your stomach? Before now, you were shit out of luck. You had to tug that soggy bread puck out of there and whip it into the trash and hope your sandwich didn’t fall apart.

Why is this no longer a problem? Because according to The Guardian, McDonald’s is about to let you start building your own burgers.

The burger chain’s plans to stop the decline [in sales] include an expansion of a test that lets people build their own burgers by tapping on a touchscreen.

The company said Monday that it plans to expand the option to 2,000 of its 14,000 US locations by next year.

Fuck yea? Fun touchscreens and extra ketchup? Let’s do this. The move is a major departure for McDonald’s, who prides itself on its ability to rapidly deliver food to your face.

The “Create Your Taste” program is a major departure for McDonald’s, which is built to deliver menu items like Quarter Pounders consistently, quickly and affordably. That model has come under pressure with the popularity of places like Chipotle, which stresses higher-quality ingredients and let people dictate exactly which toppings they want on their burritos and bowls.

Offering greater personalization could be a challenge for McDonald’s, however. The customized burgers take longer to prepare and are more expensive, and it’s not clear whether people will be willing to wait longer or shell out more money for a burger from McDonald’s

Who is driving this change? Will you take Millennials for $2,000? You should. For it’s Millennials.

Industry executives and analysts have noted the growing demand for customized orders, particularly among people in their 20s and 30s. They also note people are showing greater concern for the ingredients in their food.

Not sure how you are gonna address the whole ingredient thing, but lipstick on a pig is better than no makeup whatsoever. I think.

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