Some Idiot Threw Beer At A Bull, Bull Delivers Instant Karma By Leaping Into The Stands

Someone explain to me again how bullfighting is still a thing here in the 21st century? Because I don’t get it.

And neither does this bull, who had apparently had enough of this shit when some dope in the stands tossed a beer at him.

The Telegraph says that this bullfighting event was part of the celebration of a patron saint in the province of Huancane, Puno, Peru.

They also say that about 20 people were injured after the bull ran wild on their asses. My favorite part is that one moment they’re cheering the mistreatment of this animal and the next some of them are climbing up poles in fear for their lives.

Authorities are said to be investigating the security arrangements at the event.

Instead of that, how about authorities stop holding bullfights instead?

Score one for the bull here as far as I am concerned.

H/T SportsGrid