Bully Picks Fight Then Runs Away Like A Little Bitch When Bro Fights Back

Sometimes all you have to do is stand up to bullies and they fold like a well greased lawn chair.

This Euro bro in the jacket wants nothing to do with an altercation with this bully who is harassing him. He even laughs it off when the dude in the tightest jeggings ever punches him twice. Then he breaks. He goes straight after the bully and guess what? The bully shits his skin-tight leggings and runs away like a little bitch. After two punches and two kicks the bully somehow sprints away despite wearing the tightest pants of all-time.

No offense to either of those European lads in the video, but when your bully weighs 94-pounds soaking wet and has biceps that look like twigs it’s particularly easy to stand up to a person menacing you. If the bully was 6’3″ 210-pounds you should probably not confront him and run away like this kid did.