Bully Picks On Kid, Seconds Later He’s Getting His Ass Handed To Him

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It’s a new year, but ignorant people are making the same goddamn mistakes. I keep telling you bullies to be better, make sure that the kid you’re picking on waaaaaay smaller and weaker than you to ensure a victory. But do these dense blockheads listen? Fuck no.

Take this jabroni from the Netherlands for example. He starts a fight with a kid who is maybe an inch smaller and with a comparable build. That’s not a guaranteed “W.” In fact, it wasn’t even a draw, the bully got thrashed.

His other major flaw was not taking the first big punch of the fight. He only agitated his opponent to the point of rage. The bully pushes the kid’s head and then weakly slapped him. Then its on. He takes off his backpack and promptly begins to kick the bully’s ass. Two seconds later, the bully gets smashed in the face with a nasty right hook and is getting put in a headlock.

After how many seconds of gasping for air while in a headlock, being hit with quick jabs to his nose and his face planted in the mud did the bully say to himself, “Well fuck, that backfired in a very bad way. I shouldn’t have tried to bully such a formidable opponent.”

Be better in 2016 bullies, pick on weaker pipsqueaks. Because how else will you compensate for your lack of achievements in life and fill that emotional void left by your mommy not giving you enough hugs and your dad never telling you that he loves you unless you physically assault a person that is smaller than you?