Fatburger’s Newest Burger Has Burger Patties For Buns, But Lettuce For a Burger Patty

by 4 years ago


Call me a bit of a burger pedant, but I can’t get down with what Fatburger is dropping today.

The above image is of their new ‘protein-style’ burger. (Aren’t all burgers protein-style burgers?) You can see that in lieu of placing toppings on top of one patty, they put the fix-ins (lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes) in between two.

Missing something? Yea. A fucking burger patty. That fucker should have three patties. Just because you are replacing the buns with burgers doesn’t mean you can shelve the original patty, the concept of which all burgers are based upon.

If you are going to be all cutesy in a MANLY kind of way (look, it’s an Old Spice commercial for lunch. Bread? Are you wearing panties), then don’t fucking short people a disc of meat.

That’s fucked up, Fatburger. All protein my balls. You should rename this burger ‘some protein, but then we bitched out.’

It look delicious. And only costs $4.50 for a small.

[H/T America’s Trillest Food Blog, First We Feast; Image via Fatburger]


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