Brawl Starts Outside A Burger King, Ends Inside It With A Dude Walloping Someone Over The Head With A Pipe

by 4 years ago

It’s a disappointing fact that most brawl videos disappoint. A lot of yelling and a lot of shoving before either cooler heads prevail, the cops show up, or the cameras get shut off.

I thought that’s where this was heading as things mellow out halfway through. But have temerity, hold on, and keeping watching. For the brawl that begins outside a Burger King ends inside the Burger King, with people throwing chairs at each other, fists flying, and one dude whacking another over the head with a pipe.

That clang at the 2:50 mark. That’s good brawling, folks. As for details about it, not much other than that this was allegedly over a girl, and that it happened in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, man.

[H/T Drunken StepFather, Via LiveLeak]

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