Burger King Selling Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs In Certain States And You’re Probably Not Living In One Of Those States

by 4 years ago
Burger King Hot Dog

The Impulsive Buy

There’s a new menu item in the King’s kingdom — certain Burger King locations are testing out hot dogs and corn dogs.

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The Grilled Dogs are available in four varieties. Classic comes with mustard, ketchup, onions, and relish. Rodeo has onion rings, cheese, and a BBQ sauce. Chili Cheese features chili and a three cheese blend. Finally, there’s the A1 Ultimate that comes with bacon, cheese, and A1 Sauce. Impulsive Buy reader Bryan, who sent in the photo below, purchased the Classic for $1.99. The Corn Dogs are selling at $1.49. The Rodeo and Chili Cheese are $2.39, and the A1 Ultimate is priced at $2.79.

So far, the dogs have only been spotted in Maryland and Michigan.

You know what, why not? Burger King hot dogs don’t sound half bad. I mean, I eat hot dogs from NYC street vendors, shit knows what the hell is on those things. I wish I didn’t say the word shit.

[via The Impulsive Buy]