Burger King In Japan Introduces Burger With Blood Red Bun, Taunts Spiteful God

Burger King

The Lord of the Old Testament was a vengeful deity. He would smite and kill with impunity for the smallest of slights. Hell, I don’t think he even let people crap on Sundays.

And yes, sure, whatever, the incarnation of Jesus Christ and his supposed death and resurrection atoned for all that and brought into the world a more loving God.

But the angry Omniscient is still out there. Waiting to kill us all again for petty grievances.

So why the fuck, with He still lurking, would you taunt and tempt Him by making a burger bun red?

That’s what the Burger Kings in Japan are doing, and I expect lightning strikes and famine to hit that country soon. Soon.

Because a burger can be lots of things, but its bun can’t be red. Nor should it be brioche.

Here’s a loosely coherent description of the Aka (‘red’ in Japanese) burger bun, via Entabe, via Google’s translation plug-in:

The biggest feature of AKA Berger, was finished in red and kneaded the tomato powder “AKA buns” and “AKA cheese”. This, it seems are combined “ANGRY source” that miso based on a blend of such doubanjiang and pepper “angry about the spicy” is it a feature.

Lineup, fried chicken patty and tomato, across the lettuce “AKA SAMURAI CHICKEN (Akasamurainiwatori)” (single price 540 yen, including tax, hereinafter the same), and was sand onion that was baked in the beef patty and open fire “AKA SAMURAI BEEF (Akasamuraiushi) “two (single price 690 yen). It plans to sell up to mid-August.

Can’t wait (for the Lord to end you).

[H/T First We Feast]