You’ll Never Guess What These Bros Discovered During A Bachelor Party

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A group of Bros found more than they bargained for when they started digging around for treasure during a bachelor party. Before anyone asks, no, they weren’t digging around in a stripper’s cooch or anything, just old fashioned dirt. What they found though will probably be more memorable than the night. Driving around Elephant Butte Lake State Park in New Mexico,

“…we see … what seems to be a large tusk coming out of the ground about a good three to four inches out,” Antonio Gradillas tells KRQE News. So they did what any self-respecting young men in their prime surely would: They started digging.”

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I don’t know about you, but when I see weird stuff poking out of the ground my first reaction isn’t “Hey let’s go spend a few hours digging around in dirt to see what it is!”, it’s more along the lines of “Well that’s unusual. Someone pass the wine bag I’m sobering up.” It’s lucky that they took the time to unearth the tusk though, since it wound up that

“…the fossil belongs to a stegomastodon, a 9-foot tall, 13,000-pound pachyderm that roamed New Mexico millions of years ago. Gary Morgan, a paleontologist with the museum, tells CBS News that in his 30-year career he has never seen a skull—which, being full of sand, could weigh 1,000 pounds—appear to be so perfectly intact. He headed up yesterday’s excavation of the remains, telling the Las Cruces Sun-News that the skull of the elephant-like creature may be “the only complete one found in New Mexico.”

No word yet on whether any of them are getting paid for the discovery. I’m pretty sure “finders keepers” is in the Constitution, so if that were me I’d be expecting a pretty hefty payday coming my way.

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