An Entire Truck Full Of Butane Gas Just Exploded In Brazil And All I Can Say Is BIG BADA BOOM

by 1 year ago

Earlier today, roughly seven hours ago, an entire semi-truck carrying butane gas exploded on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. From what I’ve gathered so far there is no foul play suspected, or at least I haven’t seen any reports of that happening yet and I’ve been doing my due diligence and Googling all the potential headlines with no results coming up.

Given how many people are on the street in that clip above I can only assume that there were injuries, how many though remains to be seen. The extreme power of that explosion has me taken aback, it’s not every day that you see something like this and I find myself worried for anyone that were on the streets of Rio when this truck exploded:

I still can’t wrap my mind around this happening on a crowded city street. Just absolute insanity. There is an alternate version of this clip that doesn’t go with the split-screen option, if you’re interested in seeing that here it is:

…(h/t r/videos)…


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