Guy Grabs Bartender’s Ass, Leaves Awful Tip, Manages To Top It All Off With Douchiest Quote Ever

Bad Tip


I’ve known for a long time that people in the service industry have awful jobs. I was once a waiter and bartender and the customers I came across in those couple years was enough to make me realize I needed out fast. Some people get stuck — stuck being waiters, waitresses and bartenders and stuck dealing with the biggest assholes walking Earth.

Laura Ramadi, a bartender at Lucky Strike in SoHo (let’s hope she keeps the gig after this blows up online), told a tale on Facebook about a hedge fund manager who came into her bar for an after work drink. He was looking to have cocktail and unwind after a tough day by grabbing some ass and cracking horrendous lines

Here’s Laura’s Facebook post:

Bartender Grab Ass


Seriously, class. So choice. Such a top shelf douche move.

Laura’s story spread fast and the guy was ID’ed as Brian Lederman. The New York Post contacted Lederman for an interview and Brian delivered as only a supreme twat can….

“I’ve grabbed plenty of girl’s asses in my life, but I’ve never grabbed hers.”

Beyond top shelf douche move. But wait, he’s not done….

“That f–king c–t, for her to do something like that is pretty ridiculous. I will make sure she doesn’t get another job in New York City. I know everybody. The bar owners, the club owners — that’s a terrible thing to write about somebody.”

So it’s her fault for having such a grabbable ass, her fault for not succumbing to his charms like so many of his ex-wives (that’s an assumption but I’m sure I’m not far off), her fault for not being cool with his terrible tip, her fault for going to social media and making this “a whole thing” (alright, well that is on her, but who the hell could blame her) and her fault when she’ll “never work in this town again” because Lederman has a big swinging dick and knows a ton of people.

I’m sure he does know a ton of people, and a ton of people now know him, and all will agree he’s a walking meat wallet.

H/T Happyplace

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