Café Fellatio Set To Open: This Sex Cafe Will Give ‘Coffee And Cream’ A Whole New Meaning

Café Fellatio is on track to open by year’s end, and the new ‘Sex Cafe’ concept will breathe new life (or gargle, is it gargle?) into the sex cafe world by offering coffee and BJs.

The concept is simple: men will order their coffee at the bar, be handed an iPad to pick a prostitute from the house offering. Then they can get sit back and enjoy a therapeutic BJ at the bar while sipping on Geneva’s finest coffee.

While many people are extremely stoked for this new BJ + Coffee Sex Cafe combination there are people who are against this idea (I can’t imagine why?!). The blowjob will cost approximately $62.47 (60 Swiss Francs), and there’s talk of a five franc surcharge if you’d like to upgrade to a Swiss Chocolate latte macchiato to accompany your knob slobbin’.

The Local – Switzerland reports:

Put simply, the business model would see men ordering a coffee and using an iPad to select a prostitute they want to perform oral sex on them. They would then sit at the bar.
“In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained to Le Matin.
At 60 Swiss francs (€55), with a possible five-franc surplus for a latte macchiato the ‘coffee’ would be the most expensive in Geneva.
It would, however — in theory at least – be perfectly within the bounds of the law. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland although it is strictly controlled, with sex trade workers required to have valid permits as part of a bid to fight people trafficking.
In cases where two or more prostitutes operate out of the same premises, the establishment has to be registered as a massage parlour. In 2015, 33 of these parlours were shut down in Geneva for not following the rules, according to France’s Le Monde newspaper.
Geneva’s Department for Security and the Economy are now looking at the café plans.
Not everyone is happy with the idea though. Grégoire Théry of France’s anti-prostitution group Mouvement du Nid told French newspaper L’Express the idea for a café serving up oral sex would only benefit the men behind the business.

So that last part, the contentious part about how only men benefit, I find that kind of bullshit. Whose to say that the BJ revenue isn’t going directly to the prostitutes tasked with bobbing on the knobs? The house could simply be taking the rake on coffee, and serving up ridiculously expensive coffee because they know men are going to pay for the privilege of BJs and Coffee no matter what the price is. That seems like a pretty logical business model to me, and I’m not sure why they want to start pointing fingers and saying the ladies aren’t going to get paid when there’s zero evidence of this whatsoever.

Anyways, within the realm of legalized prostitution this seems like it has the chance to be the perfect business, potentially spawning a new industry of Sex Cafes. I for one think the brothels of Nevada should consider jumping on this BJ wagon before it’s too late.

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For more on this story you can click on over to The Local – Switzerland

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