California Cops Don’t Want You To Watch This Footage Of Them Allegedly Eating Pot Brownies During A Pot Shop Raid

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No seriously, they don’t want you watching this footage. At all. As in so bad that the three unidentified Santa Ana officers filed a lawsuit last week in the Orange County Superior Court to prevent the Santa Ana Police Department internal affairs investigators from using the footage from their May 26th raid of Sky High Collective, a dispensary in California, in their case. It’s that bad. But to be fair (aka to play devil’s advocate), Hermosa Beach attorney Corey W. Glave believes that the video has been altered to intentionally make the police look bad. According to OC Register,

Corey W. Glave, a Hermosa Beach attorney representing the Santa Ana Police Officers Association and the three officers, said the video was taken without the officers’ knowledge and was handled by Pappas [Sky High Collective attorney], among others, prior to being made public…

“The attorney representing the drug dispensary intentionally has misrepresented what happened,” Glave said.

Pappas has provided the Register and Santa Ana police with two versions of the raid footage, a highlight reel and a version that he says is the full, unedited video.

The lawsuit also argues that the video should be thrown out because the officers didn’t know they were on camera, and the dispensary did not obtain the officer’s consent to be recorded. However, dispensary lawyer Matthew Pappas disagrees:

Pappas counters that the suit is baseless because the officers were aware the dispensary had video cameras and managed to disable most of them.

“They knew they were on video. … Just because they missed one camera doesn’t make it illegal.”(via)

As of today no officers have been terminated in connection with the ongoing internal affairs investigation, and a hearing date for the case has not yet been set.

You can read more about both sides of the case at OC Register.

[H/T OC Register]


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