California Police Arrest a Firefighter For Doing His Job at the Scene of a Car Accident

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When firefighters arrive to the scene of a car accident, it’s sort of a given that they’ll immediately get to work on helping the victims. In California, a Chula Vista crew did just that, until local police showed up at the scene. The police officers got into an argument with the firefighters over where the fire engine was parked, even cuffing a firefighter IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING HIS JOB:

As San Diego’s an argument broke out between a California Highway Patrol officer and a firefighter from Chula Vista, as they clashed over where the Chula Vista crew’s fire engine should be stationed. Firefighters had placed their vehicle along the center road divider, close to where a car had flipped over, and behind an ambulance. Emergency personnel tended to the car’s two occupants as the conflict went on around them…

The firefighter, Jacob Gregoire, 36, was held in the police car for about 30 minutes before being released, CBS 8 says. The station posted video showing Gregoire talking to the news crew to be sure they knew what was taking place.

“Hey, I just want to let you know, he’s arresting me for not moving the fire truck,” Gregoire can be heard yelling.

Dude… As EMT workers, you’re both on the same team! What a bunch of dicks. Everyone in San Diego is pissed off about this incident, as clearly it’s an example of a police officer abusing power instead of looking out for public safety and the common good. Talk about power getting to your head.

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