Girl Calls Boyfriend Out On Facebook For Cheating, Then He Comes Back And Lays Down The Ultimate Written SMACKDOWN



Look, if you’re using Facebook to compose a shittily written memoir of your life up to the current minute, you’re doing it wrong. Facebook is meant to be used to see who from high school got fat, who got hot and whether or not the loser white trash kids ever finally got promoted from their jobs at Wendy’s/7-11/McDonald’s (surprise: they didn’t). It is NOT meant for you to go and blow up your current/ex boyfriend about cheating. Yes it’s amusing and yes I love reading people’s self-inflicted drama, but come on. You look like a toddler throwing a shit fit, and if your significant other has any brains about them (which is questionable since they decided to date your dumb Facebookin’ ass in the first place), they’ll strike back. Kind of like what Peter did, only in an ideal world this whole exchange ends with the two of them being lined up for a firing squad because the gene pool doesn’t need any more pollution, it’s fucked up enough as it is.






Oh, and while I’m at it no one cares about your political views, stop posting them.  Take that shit to Twitter, or better yet a garbage disposal.

[H/T HelloU]

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