Crappiest Boyfriend Ever Calls Cops On Girlfriend About $6,000 Worth Of Weed In Her House After They Fight



Look, there are some lines you just don’t cross when fighting with your girlfriend. These lines include, but are not limited to:

  1. Calling her fat
  2. Calling her ugly
  3. Calling her fat
  4. Calling her fat

Notice how “Calling her fat” is on there 3 times? That’s because is triple outta bounds. You don’t fuck with that noise unless you want your eyes clawed out. As for what happened between Donna Kelemeti, 39, and her now ex-boyfriend, you don’t get back at your girlfriend by calling the cops on her either.

…but calling her fat is probably still a worse move.

Donna Kelemeti, 39, had an argument with her now ex-boyfriend so he called the police who sent officers to search her home, the court heard.

Police found the 551g of the drug in two cool boxes in a cupboard in Kelemeti’s home and a small amount of cannabis, which she said was for her own personal use.

The court heard Kelemeti had been looking after the cannabis for a friend who had dropped the drugs at her house in Barnstaple, Devon, the same day.

Kelemeti plead guilty to possession with intent to supply and was given a 12 month community order along with the requirement that she attend a rehab program for 20 days. Additionally, she was fined $43 (wut) and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of $65, according to Metro.

[H/T Metro, header image via Shutterstock]

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