Calvin Harris Just Dropped His Collaboration With Migos And Frank Ocean


After teasing the record for a very, very long time, Calvin Harris finally dropped “Slide”, his collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos. A breezy anthem with a trop house feel, “Slide” is clearly positioned to rocket its way into pop culture over the next few weeks.

According to Frank Ocean’s buddy John Mayer, Ocean is working on a new project that he says sounds like “space reggae”

After a fan asked what reggae in the future would sound like, Mayer brought up a new, unreleased song Ocean recently played for him. “I won’t say the title of [the song], it’s his business, but he’s doing stuff right now that’s so… talk about space reggae, future reggae, that’s Frank Ocean.” John Mayer played guitar on Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange.

Hell yea — Space reggae. I’d smoke down a massive spliff in my dorm room to a song that’s “moon colony Bob Marley speaking about lunar issues.”

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