You Can Now Send Your Friends Money Via Facebook Messenger

What *can’t* Facebook do? There are a gazillion ways to send your friends cash on your phone if you owe them money, but now Facebook is getting into the Venmo/Google Wallet game by introducing a service that pays your friends with a few clicks in a couple seconds. Snapchat announced a similar peer-to-peer payment feature back in November,  but now Zuckerberg is getting in on the game. All you have to do is synch a credit card with your account. There’s even a way to make sure your friends (or someone who steals your phone) doesn’t fuck with the money in your bank account. Via Re/Code:

Facebook did add extra safety for Messenger payments: A user PIN or Touch ID, if the user is on an iPhone. No payment can be sent without that PIN, which the user will create when they set up their account (or with the thumbprint scan). Users could opt out of this feature if they want to, but will be prompted to create one at registration, Davis says.

The transactions will be free, just like Venmo and Google Wallet.


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