Here’s How To Tell If You’re At Risk Of Being Hacked By The C.I.A.

SPOILER ALERT: you are vulnerable to being hacked by the Central Intelligence Agency.

My colleague Paul put together this exhaustive look at everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Vault 7 document release. One thing we know about this document dump is that the CIA possess extreme hacking tools which basically enable them to access any computer connected to WiFi and every cellphone on the planet.

A new report from the International Business Times claims that Wikileaks has announced the ‘Vault 7’ document dump only accounts for 1% of the total number of documents they’ll be releasing this time around.

YouTube video hacktivist Maddox put together this short clip showing whether or not the revelation about the CIA’s hacking capabilities effects you. Yes, the entire clip is a joke. Yes, we are totally fucked as a society because we’ve allowed a division of our government to spy on anyone and everyone on the planet, removing any shot individuals have at privacy.

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