Canada’s ‘VOTES4NUDES’ Send You A Naked Pic After You Vote, Is The Cure For America’s Election Day Apathy



America has the worst voter turnout of pretty much any democracy in the Western world. In the 2014 midterm elections, only 36% of eligible citizens voted. In some countries, especially in Europe, turnout is as high as 80-90 percent.

That problem is attributed to lots of reasons. That election day isn’t a federal holiday. That the nature of our representative democracy inherently limits the power one person’s vote wields and thus disinclines people to exercise their right. That we’re lazy.

None of those are the real issue. It’s that we aren’t rewarded for voting. Sure, we possibly get to see the leaders we prefer take office, but who the dick cares about that? I’m talking about nudie pics. From chicks. Would you vote for a nudie from a random girl. I would (I still probably wouldn’t).

A group in Canada is trying to improve turnout in an upcoming election by sending naked pictures to people who voted.

Jessica Simps, a 24-year-old student, started the movement. It’s simple. Prove you voted, get a naked pic. She’s gotten submissions from people all throughout Canada that she then sends to people. She spoke with Motherboard:

The first thing I did was post a status on Facebook promising BJs for votes, but I think that scared too many people away because it’s not realistic.

That definitely would have gotten me to the polls. But it’s also impossible given the number of people in the country. So, pictures instead.

Though theoretically non-partisan, the movement is aimed at ousting current prime minster Stephen Harper, who is expected to win if turnout is low. He’s considered an enemy of women’s rights, and the group of guys and girls who take the nudes to send out have coined themselves ‘Sluts 4 Harper.’

You can check out some of the submissions Simps sends here (you don’t even have to vote!). And please, god, someone do this in America.

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