Advocacy Group Uses Hot Lesbians To Lobby For Oil Development; Who Wouldn’t Wanna See Them Drill Baby Drill

Here’s a quandary.

Why are we getting our oil from a country that doesn’t think lesbians are hot?

That’s a question The Canada Oil Sands Community posed to the people of Canada, trying to advocate for more development of Canada’s own oil fields, instead of importing crude from Saudi Arabia.

For those of you who don’t know, Saudi Arabia has a very regressive policy toward human rights and the punishmen for homosexuals can be death.

Canada does not.

Here’s the full ad.

Canadian lesbians were not pleased. From The National Post:

If his goal was to draw attention to the differences between Saudi Arabia and Canada on LGBTQ issues, this is not the way to go about it, said Carla Bertsch, a social worker who works on gender and sexuality issues in Calgary.

“That message is lost in his advertisement. That message does not come out for me, this is just an advertisement that oversexualizes women,” she said, a lesbian and a member of Calgary Social Workers for Social Justice.

“There is so much more to my life than whether I’m not or overly sexual. This is simply an ad that’s using sex to sell.”

True. This certainly worked for me. The leader of the organization, Robbie Picard, had this to say in defense of his ad.

“I think all lesbians are hot.”

True. True. He also offered this apology.

Picard is gay and said he would have also used an ad featuring two men.

[Via NYDN]

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