VIDEO: Canadian Road Rage Is Exactly What You’d Expect It To Look Like Minus The Syrup, Moose And Hockey Sticks

According to Uproxx, CBC News was interviewing a police officer in Toronto last week when they caught two motorists having a heater of an argument on the road below them. The two drivers come close to throwing punches, except not because they’re Canadian and instead decide to wag fingers at each other before plopping themselves back into their cars.

“Gee whiz, what a great fight that was!” said no one ever.

Canada has so many things that would make a road rage death match awesome: syrup, moose, hockey sticks, blizzards – it’s all there. A dude riding into battle on a moose wielding a hockey stick against another dude throwing snowballs and chugging alcoholic syrup. I can name at least 6 people who would pay to watch that, and yet it hasn’t happened yet. Way to be a bag of boners when it comes to road rage, Canada.

[H/T Uproxx / Reddit]