Let’s Help This 7-Year-Old With Cancer Make His Dreams Come True And Meet His Hero The Rock

I read your comments after we post stupid posts about the Kardashians, Kanye and Lindsay Lohan. “Why are you giving this shitbag any attention!?!?! They add absolutely nothing to society and are not worth the spotlight!” And you know what? You’re goddamn fucking right! We shouldn’t pay so much attention to worthless, talentless turd clumps. Let’s use the power of the website for good and not evil. Let’s rally around 7-year-old Gabriel Singleton and make a young boy’s dreams come true.

Gabriel, better known as “Tater,” has dealt with more in his seven years on this planet than most will have to go through in an entire lifetime. For more than half his life, Tater has faced a daily battle with neuroblastoma, a devastating childhood cancer.

“Right now, the cancer is in his bone marrow and his bones. Originally, it was in his stomach and just everywhere,” LuLu Singleton told WRCB TV.

But there’s one person who gives Tater a little bit of encouragement on his toughest days, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When the chemo robbed Tater of his hair and he was embarrassed, his mother would cheer him up by opening up The Rock’s Instagram. “Look! The Rock is bald and he’s so strong and he’s awesome. You’re just like him,” LuLu tells Tater.

Tater has one dream, to meet his hero, The Rock. The Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tennessee is helping Tater get the word out.

Do you smell what Tater is cooking?

I’ve been in cancer treatment for over four years. Losing my hair made me sad but seeing you rock your bald head made it easier.

I think you are strong, but I am very strong too. I’ve been stuck by hundreds of needles, have had tons of shots, gone though eight surgeries, too many blood and platelet transfusions, lots and lots of chemo treatments, radiation therapy, tests, scans and two stem cell transplants!

You inspire me with your positive attitude, please share this picture so The Rock will come visit me!

So let’s get this done.

Contact The Rock on Instagram.

Contact The Rock on Twitter.

Contact The Rock on Facebook.

And tell Johnson that one of his biggest fans, Tater, would love to meet him.